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We’re a top local SEO company in Toronto, a team of professionals. Our goal is to help those small business owners in Toronto who are very good at their work but need help with their marketing budget. The number of customers searching for “near me” on Google is increasing, and we must connect your business with those customers.

Our environment is welcoming. If your business struggles with Google rankings, schedule an online appointment and let us know.

What are Our Mission and Core Values?

Understand our mission and core values and how they can help you achieve your goals.
our mission and core values

What’s Our Mission?

The Mission

We understand that many business owners struggle to meet expenses such as paying storefront rent, utility bills, staff salaries, etc. In such situations, these small business owners are afraid to spend money on marketing and have to close their businesses within a few months.

NoxRank’s mission is to help local businesses succeed with high-quality and affordable local SEO services. We aim to ensure these businesses consistently make money, feel confident investing in marketing and make daily progress.

What are Our Core Values?

Core Values

  • Fairness: We believe in fairness and ensure transparent and honest communication with our clients.
  • Punctuality: Whether it’s delivering reports, answering queries, or addressing concerns, our experts are punctual.
  • Competency: Our local SEO experts are competent in facing and solving problems because Google makes frequent changes.

What Can You Experience?


By working with a local Toronto SEO agency like NoxRank, you’ll experience the following things:

  • Quality work
  • Timely response
  • Consistent growth
  • Regular updates
  • Honest feedback

Our Core Principles and Ambitions

Learn about the brand purpose, brand vision, brand values, and goals of NoxRank’s local SEO Toronto experts and see how strong we can do your business.

Brand Purpose

We aim to increase the profits of small business owners in Toronto by reaching their target audience on search engines like Google, enabling them to create more job opportunities.

Brand Vision

We want to quickly and sustainably rank your business on Google, making your online sales stable so you can survive in the competitive online market.

Brand Values

Our brand values are rooted in every team member and reflect our commitment to fairness, punctuality, and competency in all aspects of our work.

Our Goals

We want to help small businesses grow quickly, not just in their local area but also across the country, which will help to strengthen Canada.

Why is NoxRank the Best Local SEO Company in Toronto?

These 4-reasons make NoxRank one of the top local SEO companies in Toronto.

1. Trusted

It’s a big responsibility to access clients’ websites and Google Business Profiles and represent their brand on their behalf. Trust can only be earned once, so we build long-lasting relationships with our clients and never let this trust break. That’s why we still have access to all our satisfied clients’ websites and Google Business Profiles.

2. Affordable

We’re well aware of the difficulties that come in the way of your success, and the most challenging task for new businesses is to survive in the market, for which they need a significant budget. NoxRank knows how much fee to charge so that it doesn’t become a problem for you because SEO is an ongoing process that never ends.

3. Fast & Responsive

Clients are most disappointed when their time is wasted, and their concerns aren’t heard on time. That’s why NoxRank considers answering clients’ questions on time even more important than providing local SEO services. To this end, we schedule online meetings in advance according to the company’s process to save clients valuable time, which they can use for other tasks that benefit their business.

4. Satisfaction Guaranteed

You’ll see proper benefits from our work within 4 to 10-months. Therefore, we haven’t had a single client who has worked with us for 4-months or more who was unsatisfied. We’re responsible for fulfilling your needs and desires by bringing in as many online sales as possible, and we meet this responsibility excellently.

What’s Our Brand Personality and Story?

Know what kind of people we’re and the story behind starting NoxRank.
our brand personality

Brand Personality

We would like to see both our growth and yours, and not adapting to the market and time is separate from our nature. We’re client-focused and friendly, so you can talk to us openly. Every team member is trained to do your work properly and on time.

Every month, our local SEO specialists in Toronto spend a few days updating their skills, which benefits our clients.

Our Story

There’s an interesting story behind why NoxRank was founded. Muhammad Rizwan, who founded this company, belongs to Pakistan and runs it in collaboration with his business partner in Toronto.

In December 2019, Rizwan was jobless, and all his friends and family members abandoned him, even mocking him, saying he couldn’t earn $250 a month, as the per capita income in Pakistan was even lower.

Rizwan worked day and night to learn SEO and, within a year, earned over $20K and achieved the “Top Rated Plus” badge by offering freelancing services on “Upwork.” Then, suddenly, he faced another setback when the primary owner he worked with closed his business. He struggled for some time; one day, he decided to start NoxRank to help small business owners in Toronto, benefiting them and himself.

His hard work paid off. He gained 20+ clients through local SEO in the first year without advertising. Today, instead of being the CEO, he runs the SEO team, overseeing all tasks personally. He also writes blog posts on this website when he finds time because he enjoys working in local SEO.

“The best thing about Rizwan is that no one knows better than him which project should be assigned to which team members.”

our story

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