How Many Citations for SEO
are Considered Good?

After working with many local businesses in Toronto, I discovered that all those who rank in the Google Maps pack have listed their business on an average of 55 citation sites.

In this, I observed businesses of various categories, most of which were low- and medium-level competition, such as locksmiths, key fob copying experts, handyman businesses, plumbers, and many others.

If you want to know the exact number, stay connected with this post and answer these 3 questions yourself, which will give you a clear answer to your question.

How many citations are considered good in SEO

1. What are Your Target Locations?

It means which area you run your local business from. As you know, you’ll face a challenging environment in the United States and Canada. But the good news is that knowing this will push you to go the extra mile in your SEO efforts.

In the area where you’re doing business, you need to see the average number of listings the top local businesses in various categories have created. It will give you an idea of the number of citations required for your business’s area. You can use the BrightLocal tool for free with a 14-day trial.

2. What’s Your Local Business Industry?

If you have been in your local business for a long time, you must know how competitive your business category is, whether low, medium, or high. As mentioned, listing your business on an average of 55 sites is sufficient for low or medium categories.

These are highly competitive business categories: legal, Medical, Real Estate, Home Services, Automotive, Financial, Restaurants, IT and Tech, and Fitness and Wellness.

If you ask me how many citations I would prefer to create for businesses in these categories, my answer would be up to a maximum of 100, but the sites would be of my choosing.

You can check citation sites for your business category by clicking this link. All these business listing sites are recommended for local Canadian businesses.

3. How Many Citations Your Competitors Have?

You should know your top 3 competitors and how many local directory sites they have listed their businesses on. The BrightLocal tool allows you to add competitors, making it easy to see where they have listed.

If your competitor has worked hard for years and many people recognize their business by mentioning their name, address, or phone number, you’ll have a significant challenge ahead. In this scenario, your strategy should involve building citations and establishing and promoting your brand. You must create extensive content and ongoing efforts over several months or even years to surpass your competition.

A substantial marketing budget must be prepared for this effort.

Find out for free from NoxRank how many citations will be enough for your business. We’ll give you a better answer, and you can also take advantage of our citation building services.

Key Takeaways

  • Listing your business on an average of 55 citation sites is sufficient if your business is in a low or medium-competition category. For some business categories, a maximum of 100 citations is enough.
  • Suppose your competitors are mentioned on hundreds of websites. In that case, you’ll need to work on other strategies besides citation building to beat them, such as content creation, networking, partnerships with relevant businesses, etc. For all these, you’ll need a significant marketing budget and time.
Learn how many citations your business needs.