3 Business Types Get More from Local SEO Strategies

By NoxRank - Updated Aug. 13, 2023
what type of business benefits most from local seo strategies

Are you in real estate, or do you own a restaurant or locksmith business? You might be interested in local SEO. Businesses like yours are using it to grow.

But it’s not just for businesses of these types. Local SEO is for you too, whether you have a physical store or not. Let’s dive into how it works.

Industries Benefiting Most from Local SEO

Local SEO strategies are essential for many businesses, but three industries stand out with the greatest rewards: real estate, restaurants and cafes, and locksmiths. Here’s why:


Real Estate

Rapid growth has been seen in the real estate business. This business has the potential to grow faster than all other local businesses. The profit margin is very high, which is why it’s the first topic in this blog post.

As a broker and agent, you can target specific areas to get customers. By listing your business on real estate citation sites, you can achieve more in less time.

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Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurants and cafes are next in line for great benefits from local SEO. People like to eat food when they are busy, working, or gathering with their loved ones. List your restaurant on all the local directories and get viewed by local foodies.

Applying consistent efforts will be beneficial to you. The timeline for becoming visible on Google is slightly different. Know how much time it will take for your business to make profits.

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There’s a huge list of locksmiths in the US and Canada, but there’s still room for more. Quality and price are the biggest concerns of local people.

You can win in this market by offering fast and comprehensive services. NoxRank has worked with many local locksmiths, and we have seen that a professional locksmith can earn around \$10,000 in profit in a month with ease.

We have also helped locksmiths who own storefronts in different cities, and they have made a good amount of money.

However, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. The competition is high in this industry, and you need to invest your time and money in local SEO efforts for a long period of time, at least one year is recommended.

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Who Will Benefit from Local SEO?

Almost all kinds of businesses can benefit from it. But there are 5 businesses that have grown exceptionally well in the past compared to others:


Professional Services

The demand for professional services is very high, especially in the US and Canada. If you’re a lawyer, accountant, or consultant, get ready for more local customers! You can earn more by pursuing the best strategy.

Most SEOs don’t know the right path to get what’s required. Contact the best local SEO experts who can work as you need them to!

professional services businesses can be grow by local seo1


Health Services

Do you run a clinic or therapy service? We know that getting customers when you’re new can be tough. Local SEO can help you get more leads and customers. People in your area can easily find you and get the care they need. But listen:

First, list your business on these local directories:

Believe it or not, listing your business on these websites is the first step to success.

health services businesses can be grow by local seo1



Do you fix pipes and leaks? Use local SEO. People need plumbers near them. Local SEO can help you show up online. More people might call you, and you could earn more money.

Avoid sharing your profit margins with general contractors! List your business first on Google, and then on these local plumbing citation sites for faster results. It will work great for you!

plumbers can be grown by local seo1


IT Support Services

Are you in IT support? Many people need your services. People in Canada are especially looking for IT help near them. If you’re the best in your industry, more clients could choose you.

IT support and management services are becoming essential for businesses today. Read about the benefits of local SEO before making any decisions! It’s up to you how quickly you can understand it.

it support services can be grow by local seo1


Pet-Sitting Services

If you’re a pet owner, you want the best care for your pet. Pet sitting businesses need you to find them. Local SEO can help with that. It connects pet owners with sitters, and it helps sitters get new clients.

Are you a sitter? Don’t ignore local SEO. It can help your business grow. Local SEO is not something to be ignored. It’s a tool for your success.

pet sitting services can be grow by local seo

Is Local SEO Beneficial for Non-Physical Storefronts?

Are you running a business without a physical storefront? You might think that local SEO isn’t for you, but that’s not the case. Local SEO can still help you reach customers in your targeted area, even if you don’t have a storefront.


Freelance Graphic Designers

Consider freelance graphic designers who may work from their homes. They might serve clients in a specific city or region.


Mobile Pet Groomers

Mobile pet groomers provide their services by travelling to clients’ homes. They may not have a storefront, but they still serve a specific area or city. Local SEO helps them show up in search results.


Online Tutoring Services

Online tutoring services offer lessons to students anywhere, but they might want to focus on students in a particular city or state. Even though the tutoring happens online, local SEO allows them to reach the community they want to serve.

Google My Business has options if you don’t have an address. You must do it the right way, following Google’s rules. You need to know and adhere to these rules.


Local SEO can help businesses of all types, but it’s especially beneficial for real estate agents, restaurants, and locksmiths. Service area businesses can also benefit from local SEO, even if they don’t have a physical storefront.

If you want to grow your business, make sure to take advantage of it.